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June 23, 2018

့HOME FROM THE FRONT — Tatmadaw releases 46 child soldiers

Authorities handed over 46 underage soldiers to families.
Authorities handed over 46 underage soldiers to families.

THE Tatmadaw released 46 children and young people from service yesterday, handing them over to their parents as part of an effort to rid its ranks of underage soldiers.
The military has released 744 underage recruits in 12 batches including yesterday’s release and action was taken against 382 soldiers including 73 officers and 309 other ranks involved in the recruitment of the children.
“The Tatmadaw is committed to rid its ranks of underage soldiers,” said the Army-run Myawady Daily quoting Maj-Gen Tauk Tun of the Commander-in-Chief’s (Army) Office who delivered an address at the ceremony.
The Tatmadaw has banned recruiting underage children for the army, pledging that it has been scrutinising its forces in order to release those who were recruited wrongly.
At the ceremony held at the Transit Centre in Yangon, authorities presented national citizenship scrutiny cards to the underage soldiers.
The children were discharged to their families in the presence of senior officers from the Tatmdaw, Myanmar Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Labour, Employment and Social Securities, Social Welfare,
Relief and Resettlement and responsible personnel from UNICEF and UNHCR, International Labour Organisation, Save the Children, World Vision, World Food Programme and UNDP.
The Tatmadaw will provide them with health care, opportunities for formal and informal education, receiving vocational skills and jobs.
Since 2011, the Tatmadaw has taken some steps to professionalise the armed forces, including the release of soldiers recruited under the age of 18.


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